BBF – Brevard Bar Foundation
BBF Mission:

  1. Improving public understanding of the role of law in our community and our country; and
  2. Improving public understanding of the role of lawyers in our community.

To support the first goal, we provide grants to Brevard County Legal Assistance, sponsor the Bar Association’s Annual Law Day and Mock Court Programs and the Community Law School Project. Each of these programs helps the public understand the critical role our legal system plays in maintaining the success of our community and our country.

To support our second goal, we provide grants to various non-profit organizations in Brevard County that provide critical support services to those in need. Our past grants have included Candlelighters of Brevard, Brevard Alzheimer’s Association, The Brevard Association for the Blind, Meals on Wheels, and Sally’s House in addition to many other groups. These grants, which typically range between $500.00 and $1000.00, demonstrate the commitment of the Brevard County attorneys to ensuring assistance is available to our most needy citizens.

BBF Board of Directors 2017-18





Contact Info:Brevard Bar Foundation482 N Harbor City Blvd. Melbourne, FL   32935