Brevard County Bar Association

The Brevard County Bar Association (BCBA) is a voluntary professional association with more than 650 attorneys practicing in the 18th Judicial Circuit of Florida. BCBA memberDSC_6525s work to improve the legal profession, the community in which they live and the administration of justice in society.
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Message From The President Leslie J. Castaldi

Castaldi, Leslie VLF16508new_pprtYogi Berra once advised, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” Oh, if only it were that easy. Why can’t we take both? The paths that we choose to follow significantly impact our lives. Choosing that path may be a difficult, soul-searching process or it may be intuitively simple. In either case, the decision can often be life-changing. And change is scary to many of us.

It is fascinating to watch my daughter, step-daughters, and their friends – all young adults -  make their way in this early stage of adulthood. Their paths toward their goals vary immensely. Some people are very focused and certain and march steadily down the road to their goals. Others meander for a while before finally landing at their destination. For yet others, it is a very “long and winding road.”

Usually, the fork in the road is a choice between maintaining the status quo (the known) or facing something different (the unknown). As humans, we tend toward that with which we are familiar. We often view change with fear or even dread. However, change can be exciting and invigorating – a renaissance – and can open doors of opportunity.

Please don’t view change or taking on new ventures with fear. Join a board, volunteer to serve on a committee for your local government, enroll in an improv class, apply for that dream job – venture outside of your comfort zone. I say these things to you as I embark on a new path professionally. I opted for the path of change and I am very excited. I am also grateful that I have the fortune to have choices. Hopefully, when each of you face that fork in the road, you give the choice of change fair consideration.