Brevard County Bar Association

The Brevard County Bar Association (BCBA) is a voluntary professional association with more than 650 attorneys practicing in the 18th Judicial Circuit of Florida. BCBA memberDSC_6525s work to improve the legal profession, the community in which they live and the administration of justice in society.
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Message From The President Leslie J. Castaldi

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I know that it is not Thanksgiving – when people typically give thanks; however, I feel compelled to address the issue of gratitude. We work hard and often feel as though that hard work is not appreciated (by our clients, peers, families, communities, etc.). A simple “thank you” can be a real “pick-me-up”.

When I observe the trials and tribulations of others less fortunate than I, in addition to feeling compassion, I feel gratitude. I am so lucky to have been born in the United States, to be healthy, to have a roof over my head, to have a loving family, wonderful friends, and supportive peers. Unfortunately, I don’t always say “thank you” to those people in my life who enable me to survive and succeed.

When I accomplish something, the first people I want to thank are my parents. Sadly, they are both gone now, but I thank them every day for giving me the foundation on which to build the life I live. The most precious gift they gave me was their unfettered belief in my abilities.

I thank my family for still being a fundamental part of my life. While we are all very different and living our separate lives, I know that we share a history and we come together when we need each other or to celebrate each other’s accomplishments. I have a wonderful, healthy daughter and true love.

I am getting ready to close down my law practice after many years. I could not have succeeded without clients, support staff, and others who were part of this venture. I especially thank Brevard County Legal Aid for their constant support and their contributions to our community, which inspired me early on and every subsequent day. Also, people – both friends and strangers - referred cases to me, guided me, and provided me with work in the early days so I could pay the bills and build my practice.

I have formed amazing relationships through the Brevard County Bar Association – with my fellow Board members past and present, whom I call my friends, and others whose paths I would not have crossed without this opportunity.

My friends from various stages of my life live all over the country and world. I am so fortunate that many of them have remained in my life for many decades despite the miles. They are a constant source of joy and inspiration (and fun!).

Finally, thank you, BCBA members, for giving me this opportunity to serve you and, hopefully, to help you as attorneys and as colleagues.