Brevard County Bar Association
The Brevard County Bar Association (BCBA) is a voluntary professional association with more than 650 attorneys practicing within the 18th Judicial Circuit of Florida. The BCBA members work to improve the legal profession, the community in which they live and the administration of justice in society.
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Message From The PresidentPeters_ Mark S. 

I start this message with a question.  Is it less stressful to be at work, rather than traveling during the holidays and entertaining a large family?  I like the travel a lot.  I love the family. I am glad to be back at work.

The New Year is always a good time to assess where we are and where we are going.  As a lawyer, we should always consider what we can do better for our clients, our employees, the profession and ourselves.

The Brevard County Bar Association’s schedule for the first quarter of this year is active, to put it mildly.  We have multiple Investitures of new Judges in the 18th Judicial Circuit.  We also have three retirement parties for three Circuit Court Judges, who have earned a great send-off into the next phase of their careers.

In viewing the jurist that we are losing to mandatory retirement, it is my humble opinion the age for mandatory retirement needs to be adjusted.  The Florida Bar already has a Senior Judge Review Panel.  A similar panel for Judges over seventy years of age would allow for the retention of our very experienced and fully functioning Judges.

While we celebrate the careers of Judge Griesbaum, Judge Moxley and Judge Wohn, we also celebrate Judge Lemonidis, Judge Maloney and Judge Paulk joining the Circuit Court in Brevard County, Florida.  Our support and well wishes for these new Circuit Judges, who have made the commitment to public service, should extend well beyond their Investiture parties.

Trial Lawyers have the right to grump about rulings against them and cases lost on close calls.  I will expect a perfect jurist, as soon as I am a perfect attorney.  I know for sure that that is a long way off.  The best we can do to support our judiciary is to be prepared and give them the information they need to resolve the dispute we have presented them.  Judge Torpy said in a recent opinion, “We expect lawyers to thoroughly research and address all issues that are presented, especially one as important as our jurisdiction.”   Orange County, Florida v. Susan Hewlings, 39 Florida Law Weekly D2572, 2573 Fla 5th DCA, December 12, 2014.

I wish all of our membership a great new year and look forward to seeing you all. Watch for our emails, so that you can be involved in the upcoming scheduled events.